VIVA LA VERO! Live The Vero Life!

Why is Vero Beach noted as one of “Florida’s Fav’s”? You can’t dispute the gorgeous 25 miles of Oceanfront which often sets the tone for ones day. How can you not walk those sands, smell that awesome salt air and watch formations of pelicans gliding with the wind above your head? Where else can the “Blue Collar” worker not feel any different than the “Billionaire” when gathered together either at the Beach or a favorite Restaurant. People in Vero Beach aren’t just FRIENDLY – they’re REAL. From the Vero Beach Museum of Art, to the Riverside Theatre where you can find Concerts or Plays year-round….. to the many Boutique Shops on Ocean Drive……there’s something for everyone! Yes you CAN Live the Vero Life! Click on the link below and start planning your escape to Paradise and DISCOVER….DISCOVER….DISCOVER!