Tech Tuesday- Facebook Boosting

Jennifer Jerina blog

Twice a month our Marketing Director hosts a Tech Tuesday class to engage our agents in learning the newest technology. This month we kicked off Tech Tuesdays with a class on Facebook boosting. Need some tips? Here is what we learned:


  • You can only boost on Facebook from a Business Page
  • Creating a promotion helps you get more of the business results you want
    • More likes, comments, shares
    • More engagement on your posts
  • You can not boost a shared post
  • You can boost an existing post on your page
  • You can create a brand new ad under Ad Tools
  • Create your target audience
    • Selecting location, age, gender, and interests of people you want to reach with your ad.
    • “Detailed Targeting” : demographics, interests, behaviors
  • Select how long you want your promotion to run
    • Choose the exact dates
  • Select how much money you want to spend on your promotion
    • As low as $1 per day
    • You will target more people, the more you spend


The best part of working for RE/MAX Associated Realty is all of the engagement, mentoring, and knowledge you receive as an agent. Tech Tuesday’s are one of the many activities we host to help our agents succeed.