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It’s easy to become comfortable in your home and start overlooking its tiny imperfections: that handle that needs to be jiggled, the chipped paint in the bathroom, or that dead patch in the yard where the neighbor’s dog always does his business. When it comes time to sell your home however, it’s time to take off the rose colored glasses and start looking at things from a potential buyer’s perspective.

Every home and neighborhood is unique so it is always a good idea to consult with a RE/MAX REALTOR to advise you on what repairs and updates will get you the best bang for your buck, but here is a list of common repairs that are fairly universal.

  1. Curb Appeal

The first thing a buyer sees is the outside of your home. Trim the bushes, put seeds or sod down in patchy parts, pull out weeds, pressure wash, and get rid of any clutter or debris. Paint the front door a welcoming color and update the exterior light fixtures if they look worse for wear.

  1. Paint

Are your current colors too bright and bold? Are there faded or worn patches? Were the colors popular a decade ago? Fresh paint can change the way a room feels and is a project many can tackle on their own. Try to choose colors that are neutral so that it is easy for potential buyers to imagine how their furniture will look in the space.

  1. Flooring

If your carpets are worn thin or stained, the linoleum is ripped, or your wood floors are scratched, consider updating or fixing those issues. If doing the flooring in your whole house is out of your budget, take care of the main points of entry so that potential buyers aren’t immediately met with a problem.

  1. Update the kitchen and bathrooms

Fully renovating those rooms will rarely give you enough of a return to make it worth doing, but painting cabinets, installing new fixtures, new lighting, swapping out pulls, new appliances, and cleaning up grout will help make those areas look newer.

  1. Lighting

The light in a room can change the way you feel when you walk into it. Update light fixtures and ceiling fans, take advantage of natural light and update the blinds, and thoroughly clean any fixtures or blinds you keep.

  1. Fix anything glaring

Cracked outlet covers, water marks on the ceiling, pet damage, leaky faucet, and any other problems that jump out should be attended to.

  1. Pre-Sale Inspection

A great way to avoid surprises during the selling process is to get a pre-sale inspection. They can show you issues and you can take care of them before they slow down your closing process. This can also give you peace of mind and confidence moving forward.

If you are interested in selling your house, please contact a REALTOR at our office to help steer you in the best direction for your unique selling position.

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