Momentum, Leads and Culture:

Gail Lagges blog

  • Momentum, the Complete Agent Development system exclusive to RE/MAX and offered every week at RE/MAX ASSOCIATED REALTY. With its emphasis on specific steps to mastery, Momentum offers great promise to those who take it to heart.
  • “Whether they’re brand new or they’ve been in the business for 20 years, any agent can get plugged into our development programs and increase business very quickly.
  • Everything and everyone at RE/MAX Associated Realty is learning-based.   Agents can take daily classes on lead conversion, customer service, contracts and social media, among other topics. They can participate in “Tech Tuesdays,” a weekly workshop on technology best practices. They can join mastermind groups to share goals and strategies. They can even join accountability groups to stay motivated — and help their colleagues do the same.
  • “Agents who may have floundered in the past are doing consistent business now. “They’re taking their careers to heights they didn’t think were possible.”
  • If you want to reach for the stars and the moon, you can,”
  • “You can be the best agent you want to be, and RE/MAX Associated Realty gives you all of the tools and resources to do it.”
  • If that is not enough to propel an agent to breakthrough success, we offer personal coaching. And further consults with agents on goal-setting and client relations.
  • “We follow the Momentum way and help agents create good habits: work your sphere, follow-up with expired listings or FSBOs — and be consistent about it,”
  • Just as RE/MAX Associated Realty invests in top-notch training, it supplies leads to help get the job done. The combination of a successful Google pay-per-click ad campaign, and funneling LeadStreet and inquiries to their agents, generates new leads.
  • To get the most out of those leads, we encourage agents to be accountable.
  • “For any office leads that don’t have a closing within six months, we have the agent come in and make calls to those leads to get things moving,”  “Agents who never closed leads before started to get closings once we started enforcing this rule. They have to be held accountable, otherwise, those leads are wasted.”
  • Be a giver and be thankful and your business too will thrive.
  • “We really do live and breathe optimism and try to be accessible,” “I feel that a big part of my role as broker is to encourage my team.”
  • Even daily activities such as answering the phone have the RE/MAX Momentum touch.
  • “Our staff have taken it upon themselves to adopt a ‘my pleasure’ attitude about everything
  • The openness of RE/MAX professionals:  “RE/MAX people are so open and giving with their advice. I really value this about the network, and I try to set the same example for those coming up behind me as well.”
  • Our agents attribute Wilson’s generous leadership as a big part of their success. Her door is always open, both literally and figuratively, creating an environment of mentorship and camaraderie throughout the office.

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