Looking For A Change? Why RE/MAX Associated? Why Not?

Barry Nestransky, Gary Bell, Jackie Bourque and Steve Johnson didn’t start their real estate careers at RE/MAX. But when it came time to take a step forward with their businesses, they knew RE/MAX was where it could happen. Here, they share their top three reasons RE/MAX made the most sense – and why joining has proven to be a winning decision.

Barry Nestransky

Barry Nestranksy, Sales Associate
RE/MAX Alpine Realty in Canmore, Alberta
Previous Brokerage: Royal LePage
Joined RE/MAX: 2012

Barry Nestranksy got his start as a custom homebuilder in Edmonton, Alberta, and then as a part-time real estate agent with Royal LePage. But when he moved to Canmore, near Banff National Park, he also began his full-time real estate career with RE/MAX. “It’s been the best decision my wife, who’s my assistant, and I could’ve made personally and professionally,” the 100 Percent Club member says. Here’s why:

1. RE/MAX allows me to sell real estate in more than one city.
When my wife and I moved to Canmore, I wanted to still trade real estate back in Edmonton. I visited the Royal LePage office in town but they’re only part of a local board, not the Calgary or Edmonton real estate boards. RE/MAX was the brokerage that offered me the ability to work in both cities.

2. The world sees RE/MAX.
There’s power in RE/MAX being worldwide – and it’s been eye-opening. Even if consumers don’t know real estate or they don’t know about RE/MAX, they recognize the Balloon or they know the colors. The colors alone attract people. Canmore is a vacation market, so the world sees us – the world sees RE/MAX.

3. Success breeds success.
We’re all independent contractors, but there’s a real tight-knit feel within our office. Everyone is there to make money and be successful – and they’ve all been good mentors without being official mentors. What I like best about RE/MAX is that everyone can plan their own business and work hard at developing it, but the standard of what’s set up already, of what happens automatically, is high.

Gary Bell

Gary Bell, Team Leader
Jackie Bourque, Sales Associate
RE/MAX Classic Realty in Las Cruces, N.M.
Previous Brokerage: EXIT Realty
Joined RE/MAX: 2013

When it came time for Gary Bell to switch brokerages, it wasn’t a decision he took lightly. The Team Leader spoke with several brands, created spreadsheets and, in the end, joined the network that made most financial sense. “Being with RE/MAX helps me win listings,” says Bell, who recently enjoyed his best career month. Adds team member and buyer’s agent Jackie Bourque: “I’m now dealing with so many more clients than I was before – I’ve really had to kick it into high gear.” Here’s what else swayed them to join:

1. RE/MAX makes financial sense.
Gary: The compensation structure at our last brokerage doesn’t work out well for an agent after they reach a certain volume in production. The commission split, monthly fees and additional expenses add up fast. We hit that threshold early on last year, and it became clear to us then that it no longer made financial sense for us to be there. I could easily say we left $20,000 on the table at our last brokerage, and that we would have benefited greatly had we been with RE/MAX.

Jackie Bourque

2. There’s more freedom as a Team Leader.
Gary: As I started building my team at my previous brokerage, my expenses went up because the company’s compensation structure wasn’t set up in a way that makes it possible to nurture and develop teams. I spoke with Keller Williams, too, before deciding to join RE/MAX, and I just feel like there’s more freedom at RE/MAX for me as a Team Leader. I can structure team members’ compensation to what works best for the team member, for the team and for me. I’m able to run my business.

3. The support at RE/MAX is incomparable.
Jackie: I have a lot more support from our Broker/Owner and from the people we work with at RE/MAX. There’s an undercurrent of friendly competition here that’s contagious. Plus, the training at RE/MAX is better than any other place I’ve worked – it’s not even comparable. I just finished Brian Buffini’s Peak Producers through RU, and it’s so good I’m going to do it again. I wish I would’ve had that training a few years ago.
Gary: And I think it’s fantastic that everybody gets a free website that we can brand for ourselves. Once I knew that I was making a move, I talked to a lot of website vendors, thinking that wherever I joined I’d have to spend thousands of dollars for a website. I was really impressed with the fact that the website was there already.

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson, Sales Associate
RE/MAX Capitol Properties in Cheyenne, Wyo.
Previous Brokerage: Century 21
Joined RE/MAX: 2013

After 20 years with the same brokerage, Steve Johnson knew it was time for a change – a good change. “It was just a dead end there, and I wasn’t getting ahead,” says Johnson. Now, he says, his transaction sides are already up year-over-year. Here’s why he says he knew he’d get ahead with RE/MAX:

1. It made sense after speaking with the Broker/Owner.
I’ve known my Broker/Owner Steve Prescott for quite awhile. I’ve always gotten along with him, so I figured ‘What the heck, I’m going to go over and interview with him.’ After I actually sat down and had a conversation with him, RE/MAX made the most sense. I realized that I could make a lot more money with RE/MAX.

2. RE/MAX allows you to operate your own business.
What I like most about RE/MAX is that as agents, we have more independence. We’re free to run our own business. I’m able to make more decisions for myself, especially when it comes to my business plan. That’s something I haven’t found with other companies.

3. RE/MAX brings in outside business.
There’s a military base here in Cheyenne, so we have a lot of people coming in and out. I knew a brand name like RE/MAX would bring in more business from outside of the area. With military clients usually only being in town for two to four years, it’s important that I’m mindful of their needs so that they remember me when it’s time to sell.



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