How to Win – and Keep – Clients for the Long-Term

When Rebecca Drehsen arrived at the doorstep of an exclusive Las Posas Hills home in her market of Camarillo, California, she knew she was up against steep competition for the listing.

“Real estate is a very competitive business, and when I go into a listing presentation, I know I am up against many well-qualified agents,” Drehsen says.

How did she win the business? By bringing her A-game to the presentation.

“I established myself as a local expert,” says Drehsen, an Associate with RE/MAX Integrity. “You have to do your research, know the comps, know the area. You need to show that you’ve thought about who the next buyer might be, and that you know how to market to them. No listing presentation is the same – you have to tailor it for every client.”

But ultimately, it was having a previous connection to the owners, who had worked with Rebecca before, that sealed the deal. Relationships that are nurtured over time are key to Rebecca’s repeat business.

“Keeping a genuine connection with the clients on a personal level is definitely something that helped me get the listing,” she says. “Real estate is a relationship business, and that relationship doesn’t end when a transaction closes. It’s important to stay in touch so you stay top of mind.”

Here are three rules Drehsen followed to win the listing – and that can help you make a lasting impression with clients.

Build a personal connection – and keep it going!

“It is imperative your clients know they can trust you, that you value their privacy and that you will work extremely hard for them,” Drehsen says. “Building and maintaining relationships with clients can be more important than what actually goes into the presentation.”

Of course, nurturing relationships in the years between real estate transactions can be easier said than done. For Drehsen, social media has been a top tool for creating deeper relationships with past clients.

“Camarillo is a pretty small town. I run into past clients at the store all the time, and thanks to social media I already know what they’ve been up to and am able to start an easy and natural conversation.”

Then there’s also the personal touch – “I’ll send personal letters every holiday along with notes and candy. Every chance to reach out and connect with a client, I’ll do that!”

Align yourself with the right brand

Drehsen says her RE/MAX affiliation “absolutely” helped her win this listing – and many others.

“The fact is, we’re the No. 1 name in real estate, and I’ve never had to explain my brand to anyone,” she says. “When I say I work for RE/MAX, everyone knows the brand and the level of service to expect.”

Plus, the national presence of RE/MAX helps her build her brand on a local level.

“The global presence we have, combined with the TV commercials and the billboards, really helps me strengthen my personal brand. I also incorporate RE/MAX marketing materials into my listing presentations.”

Have a cause

Drehsen is a RE/MAX Miracle Agent, which means she makes a donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with each closed transaction.

“When I tell clients their home will be a Miracle Home, I often find out they have a personal connection to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA),” Drehsen says. “And they’re always excited to be able to help!”

“It is imperative your clients know they can trust you.”

Donations to CMN Hospitals stay local, which means each dollar Drehsen donates goes directly to helping kids in the neighborhoods where she also helps families buy and sell homes. Being able to show she’s an agent with a cause gives her another edge in the listing presentation.

“Seeing all the amazing things CHLA does for patients, I knew I wanted to be a part of the program and help make a difference for my clients and their families,” she says.

In fact, RE/MAX Integrity has earned the Miracle Office designation, which means every agent at Rebecca’s brokerage makes a donation to CMN Hospitals with each closed transaction. “It makes me proud to say that every agent on our team at RE/MAX Integrity sells Miracle Homes; it’s a cause that we all support and is important to us.”

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