Home isn’t Just Where Your Heart is: Now It’s Wherever Your Heart Desires

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The past year forced many business owners to change the way they do business in order to thrive in the COVID market. One of the most marked changes has been the amount of employees who now are able to work remotely. Pre-COVID, a little more than 20% of Americans worked at least partially remote, and current times show that percentage has doubled….with no signs of it dipping in the next 5 years. So as more and more Americans are changing their working styles, this is affecting the way they look at their homes. We aren’t just looking to see if our homes have the amenities we desire, we are wondering if they are physically where we want to be.

Having a corporate career no longer means you have to live a big city lifestyle, having a steady Monday-Friday/9-5 job no longer means you can’t be in a different city every week, having school age children no longer means you have to live next to the best schools. People are moving closer to family, closer to the beach, to where they dreamt of retiring to, or even ditching conventional homes altogether and embracing an RV, nomadic lifestyle. How have the recent changes affected your idea of home?

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