5 “Different” Ideas for Video Marketing

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   Have you ever wondered why companies with such easy to recognize logos like McDonalds or Nike, still use people in their commercials? It’s because it has been proven time and again that, even when a consumer knows a business or product, people are attracted to faces and personalities over logos. This means that if you’re not getting your face in front of your audience, you’re missing out on some great marketing opportunities!

Video marketing does not have to be an expensive endeavor.  Most consumers want to see you as raw, human, and relatable. Don’t worry if you stumble on words or if your hair or makeup doesn’t look perfect. You can film yourself right on your cell phone and post directly to Facebook, upload to your own YouTube channel, or email videos to your sphere! So what are some ways that you can uniquely show off your personality and your humanness? Here are 5 different ideas for real estate videos.

  1. Showcase Your Farm Neighborhood – Does your farm have a great park? Lovely walking paths? A great pool? Take the unique elements of that community and show them off to your clients!
  2. Client Testimonial – A lot of people post written client testimonials…ramp that up and video your happy client! Hand your client the keys to their new house and let them tell the world about how great you made the transaction. Most people getting keys to their new home are genuinely excited, and capturing those emotions on video is a great marketing technique.
  3. Be Vulnerable – Tell about a funny mishap, tell a story about a unique issue and how you solved it, show off a hobby you enjoy, tell a good dad joke.  Let people see your personality.
  4. DIY Project – Tackle a DIY project and walk people through it. This can be something as extravagant as a bathroom remodel or as simple as putting out mulch. Show off ways that a homeowner can put in some “sweat equity”.
  5. Cooking Show – What is usually the most showcased room in a listing?  The kitchen! Don’t just bake some cookies for an open house, video it! Show off how functional the space is, throw in some humor, and then enjoy your meal.

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